Try These Five Fun Places to Read

Although I’ve been a reader since I was young, I don’t really have any consistent habits when it comes to reading. I’m not usually one to bring my book to bed with me, and I don’t have a “reading chair” or a favorite place to curl up with a good book. I’m more of a reading opportunist who steals moments with a good book or goes on random binges when the mood strikes.

Looking for opportunities to add a book to your day can be a great way to read more if you’re like myself or are just too busy to set aside time. While “waiting periods” like doctor’s visits or your commute are obvious moments to steal, I like to look for moments when I have time to read but might not usually take a book with me. Take your reading experience to the next level by combining reading with another fun activity.

Read in the Tub

For a long time, I was afraid to bring my precious books into the tub. I dreamed of having one of those bath trays that you can find in your fancier homegoods catalogs. I’ve since learned that it’s actually pretty easy to keep a book dry in the tub of you bring along a dry towel to wipe away water drops and dry your fingers. While I still don’t bring hardbacks into the tub, it’s so relaxing to pour some bath salts into the water, brew a mug of tea, and read my latest paramour. (Also, sometimes the tea is wine.)

Take Your Book for Dinner or Coffee

Yesterday I saw someone eating sushi while reading a book, and I knew instantly that she knew the ways of the (book) world. There’s nothing wrong with eating alone, but why not bring a famous date in the form of a popular literary figure. It’s perfect because you know the stories will be good and don’t have to think about what to say. It’s also a great way to maximize your time since you were going to eat anyway.

Relax with a Book in the Park

Even if you haven’t done it, reading in the park has probably been in your mind forever because movies and TV shows always have bookish characters read on a picnic blanket or swing. Why not try it yourself? Being outside in nature is good for your mood (not to mention vitamin D), and reading helps you relax and stay sharp. You almost have to go. Just bring a blanket if you plan to sit or lay in the grass (or risk being itchy) and wear sunscreen.

Escape During Your Lunch Hour

If you’re lucky enough to have a lunch break, reading can be a thrilling way to break up your workday. Nothing makes an afternoon go by faster than thinking about what might happen next in the book you were just reading. Even if you don’t decide to do it everyday, reading over lunch just once or twice a week can give you time to engage in an activity you love and help you feel more positive about your workday. No matter how crappy your morning is, you can jump ship at lunchtime.

Perch in the Museum

Why not read in a place reserved for storing knowledge and preserving history? Most museums, even the tiny ones in small cities and towns, have a place to sit. If your museum charges a steep ticket price, you could see if they have a free day or allow people to be in the common areas or cafe for free (many do). As a person who loves museums but is low on cash, I’ve found that it’s really easy to enjoy a great museum moment for free or nearly free. Here in Houston, reading a book in between looking at great art is easily a whole afternoon. Even if you don’t think your area has a museum, you should do a little research. You might be surprised.


Where are some fun places you like to read?


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