Finding a Little Free Library

As a book lover, I’ll celebrate any excuse to sift through a shelf of books that aren’t mine. There’s something exciting about the search for a new book, even if it’s just to borrow. For me, books hold a promise. They promise to share their secrets with me and bring me an experience I may not otherwise have had.

I’ve loved books since I was a child who struggled to make friends. Books make great friends to the lonely awkward kids like myself for the same reason that they help build empathy. You get close to the characters in a book – closer than you do through movies or television. You can experience a story through their eyes and learn their deepest, darkest secrets. Your book friends will always be there for you, barring a dystopian book-burning future, of course.

It’s because of my love of books that I was so over the moon today when I finally encountered my first Little Free Library. Ever since I heard that people were installing tiny houses where people could take and leave books to share, I’ve been obsessed with finding one. It’s such a neat concept and a way to connect with others without even being in the same place at the same time.

Sure, I could go to the regular library. I live in Houston, so I have a lot of options. There’s something special, though, about sharing books through a quiet, unmonitored box that sits out in the open for everyone to access at their leisure. It’s simultaneously exposed and intimate.

Today I discovered that the park near my apartment has its own Little Free Library that’s already stocked with books. I can’t wait to add one of mine. Perhaps I’ll borrow a book soon and read it in the park. It looks like it has a few fun options available, and who knows what books will be there tomorrow.

I haven’t lived in this apartment long, so I’m still exploring the area around me. I can’t wait to go back to this park with its lovely garden, books, and swing. There’s so much promise in such a small space. It’s like my very own storybook, and I can’t wait to read it.

Have you ever used a Little Free Library?




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