Five Ways to Sneak in Writing

As a person who once wrote part of a blog post at a series of traffic lights, I’m a bit of a master at sneaking in writing. Life gets busy and sometimes you have to get creative to fit everything into your day. If you have a writing goal that seems to be alluding you because you’re struggling to find time, then you might have to start getting sneaky.

Before you get started, you’ll need a way to write on the fly. Sure, you can use a notebook, but I recommend having an app on your smartphone, such as Google Drive. You can also use an online software that’s easily accessible via smartphone. Just make sure that you choose an option that’s easy to access so that you aren’t wasting those precious writing moments.

At first it may seem difficult to make meaningful progress when writing on the fly, but with practice you’ll see real progress. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to open your app and start typing away. Don’t give up if you have trouble at first. You have to try something new for at least three weeks before tossing in the towel.

Five Ways to Sneak in Writing

#1-Write while you’re in the bathroom.

Many people already scroll through their phones while in the john, so why not make that time more productive? If you’ve got a way to write on your phone, then you can spend that time typing a few new lines or editing what’s you’ve already written. Think beyond the toilet, as well. If you take baths, spend a bit of that time working toward your writing goals.

#2-Write when someone makes you wait.

You’d be surprised how many sentences you can type out while someone’s in the bathroom, running late, or taking a phone call. The more often you seize these moments, the more productive you’ll be. The key is to have a goal in mind going in so that as soon as you open the app you can start typing or editing. Over time, these moments add up to a lot of time to write.

#3-Write while riding in the car (not driving).

Obviously my traffic light scenario is not ideal, but riding in a car, bus, or train is a classic time to pull out your work in progress. Don’t limit yourself to long commutes. If you have a five or ten minute trip, pull out your phone and get some work done. Talk to your friends and family about why your writing is important if you feel uncomfortable. Chances are, they’ll enjoy being able to control the radio.

#4-Write when you eat alone.

Sure, mindfulness is important, but maximizing mealtimes can be a game changer for your writing goals. If you start thinking in terms of every meal or snack, you could have some real opportunities to write. Think about this the next time you’re scrolling on your phone while slurping down soup. You could be writing or editing instead.

#5-Write during work lulls and large meetings.

If other people are on their phones, then you might be able to use yours to write. You may even be able to use your computer to write, depending on your job. One way to make this work for you is to think about a line or a scene and how you might want to word it, and then quickly type it out the same as you would a text. Writing is happening, but it’s on the down low. (Don’t get yourself fired.)

Don’t Miss Your Writing Goals Because of Time

You deserve time to write, and sneaking it in can help you get there. These tips might work best in the first draft and editing phases, but they’ll still help you reach your goals. Pretty soon, you’ll be writing in the weirdest of places.

How do you sneak in writing?


2 responses to “Five Ways to Sneak in Writing”

  1. I sneak in writing when I’m waiting for appointments and when I’m out for a meal with someone and they go to the toilet. Also, these are the times when I sneak in reading.


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