Meet Your Weekend Writing Goals With These Five Tips

While other people relax over the weekend, writers are often trying to find time to fit in a writing or editing session. Even if you follow a typical Monday through Friday schedule, writing on the weekend is useful because it keeps you in practice, allows time for side projects, and allows you to give yourself a break during the workweek. Although these benefits are easy to accept, it’s often hard to actually find the time to write during the weekend.

Depending on how you spend your weekend, you may have to work around time spent with others. Additionally, you likely don’t want to base your whole weekend around work. Rather than stressing about the work involved, it can be helpful to change the way that you think about your weekend writing sessions. Instead of focusing on the work you need to do, try to find ways to incorporate writing into your weekend that add positive experiences.

Wind Down with Writing or Editing

After you spend the evening with your family or friends, spend time writing instead of winding down with an activity like watching television or reading. If you live with others, you can even do this in the same room as your family. Just set up your laptop, use your phone, or write in your notebook while your loved ones engage in their favorite activities. If noise bothers you, wear earbuds or earplugs.

  • Keep a good pair of earbuds or earplugs around to block out noise.
  • If you struggle to turn off your television, remind yourself why you write. Having time to do it will give you a feeling of satisfaction when you’re finished, which you are unlikely to experience after watching television.  

Be a Morning Bird

Set yourself up for a good start to the morning by getting your writing area set up for a quick start. Have your computer ready, as well as some tunes to accompany you. Pre-make your coffee pot or have tea ready to brew, then get up and start your day with writing.

  • Consider having a breakfast ready to go as well, such as overnight oats, banana bread, a muffin, or a quiche.
  • If you live with others, try to wake up before them so that you can have time to yourself.
  • You can even do this before breakfast and still enjoy breakfast with your family.

Go to a Coffee House

Writing in a coffee house is classic advice, but it really is a great way to improve the time you spend writing. Taking your writing materials to a coffee house on the weekend is something you can look forward to all week, making your work time pleasure time. Look for a coffee shop with a great ambiance and always order something.

  • Try taking your writing materials to a coffee shop on Friday afternoons for a great start to the weekend. You’ll enjoy your time and knock out some writing before the weekend has even started.
  • Go to a coffee shop on Saturday or Sunday mornings to write before spending time with your family or friends. You can arrive at the shop at opening and get a bit of work done before everyone else is ready to do the day’s activities.
  • Head to a coffee shop during the day when your family members are up to something else. For example, if you have an hour between family activities or while your children are practicing, claim this time for yourself.

Spend Time Writing Alongside Friends or Family

If you have friends who are writers or children who need to work on homework, set aside some time to work alongside each other. Make some snacks, turn on a playlist (or insert earbuds), and be productive together. Over time, you may find that you all fondly remember the hour or two you spent together during these sessions.

  • Set aside an hour or two on Sunday afternoons.
  • Choose a time when the family doesn’t have plans.
  • Consider setting aside a few hours on a Saturday night to do an hour of work/study, followed by a few hours of family game night.

Make Chores or Responsibilities into Writing Time

If you’re stuck doing chores or running errands over your weekend, then try to reclaim some of that time for writing. For example, you can write at the laundromat, during your child’s sports practice, or while dinner is cooking.

  • Try writing on a phone or tablet so that you can easily do it anywhere.
  • Set a goal to use 30 minutes to an hour of this time for writing.
  • Put the focus on your writing during this time, not on the fact that you have to spend part of your weekend fulfilling obligations.

Writing over the weekend is usually necessary to reach your writing goals, but it doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice. Make the most of your weekend writing time by choosing to make it a fun addition to your activities. Over time, you’ll find that these choices become habits, and your weekends will be productive and fun at the same time.

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