Follow Yourself to Achieve Your Passions: Five Ways to Start Trusting Yourself

While it takes a lot to make your dreams happen, hard work, perseverance, and a little luck are not the only things that matter. The most important step to accomplishing the things most important to you is to trust yourself. It’s also the hardest step.

There are so many reasons that we don’t trust ourselves – lack of confidence, listening to naysayers, past failures, etc. Whatever your reasons are, they’re the biggest thing holding you back in life because they’re keeping you from fulfilling your dreams.

You have to trust yourself to make the right decisions for your life, and you have to believe that you are capable of making your passions work. Making dreams become a reality requires a lot of hustle and sacrifice, and you need to have faith in yourself if you’re going to keep pushing forward.

At times, the road seems too difficult, and there are so many easier paths out there that it may seem like a better choice to just follow them instead. That’s okay if it makes you happy, but don’t flush away a chance to do what you know is your purpose just because it’s too hard. Of course it’s hard. Life is hard, and taking a shortcut isn’t going to make it suddenly easy.

Trusting yourself can be hard at first, but with practice it gets much easier. If you’re ready to make choices that honor who you are, here are five ways to start trusting yourself.

Five Ways to Start Trusting Yourself

1 – Remember that no one knows you better than you do. 

People are going to flood you with advice, and most of them mean well. However, changing your course because other people are cautioning you against following your dreams isn’t being true to who you are. They are likely speaking from their own fears, which may not be the same as yours. You have different skills, passions, talents, and work habits than others, so listen to yourself first.

2 – Put the work in.

If you’re doubting yourself, it could be because you aren’t doing what you know you need to do. Fix that. Carve out time to work toward those goals, even if you have to sacrifice your lunch hour, TV time, or social time. Letting your passions go untouched will just leave you yearning for something more. Earn, don’t yearn.

3 – Stop trying to predict the future.

If I spent as much time writing or sketching as I do trying to outline every single thing that I want to happen over the next year, I’d probably exceed all of my expectations for success. Dwelling on the future comes from a place of fear. Sure, you want to have goals and milestones to accomplish, but don’t stress over when they will happen. No matter how scary it is to go into the future without assurances that things will work out like you hope, it’s the only way to pursue your passion.

4 – Don’t compare yourself to others. 

By now, you’ve probably heard the saying “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It really is. Not only that, but it can cause you to make poor decisions that could have been avoided if you’d just trusted yourself. Whether you’re feeling envious that someone else is “more successful” than you are or you’re looking at someone’s failure as a cautionary tale about going after your dreams, just stop it. Your story is your own, and it will be different from anyone else’s. Trust yourself to tell it.

5 – Motivate yourself with positive self-talk.

Whenever you start to doubt yourself, use positive self-talk to remind yourself to trust. Tell yourself things like, “I trust myself to make the best choices for my life,” “I know that I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to,” or “I can do this.” Positive self-talk is great for keeping yourself on track, no matter what your issue is. Try to come up with your own motivational messages to help you honor who you are.

No matter what your goals are, trust yourself to make them happen. You are the only one who really knows yourself, and you do have the power to shape your life. Shift your perspective toward trust, and you will see the pieces fall together.

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