Why You Should Join a Writers Group

While the majority of writing is done alone, the finished product is usually meant for others. It’s ironic that the project that keeps us secluded during its creation can eventually draw us closer to others and can even inspire its own community of readers. As wonderful as that community is, you don’t have to wait until your project is complete to enjoy a community of other writers. Writers groups can be a source of great friendships, professional networking, and workshop opportunities.

Building Relationships

A writing group connects you with others who share your passion, paving the way for quick connections. Not only will you make new friends, but you’ll also gain supporters of your goals who will ask about your project and genuinely care about your answer.

Additionally, groups will usually hold social gatherings and write-ins, where writers gather together in the same location to work individually on their projects. Not only does this make writing less solitary, but it also gives you the incentive to stay on track with your goals.

Growing as a Writer

Joining a writing group puts you in touch with other writers who are at all different levels and who write in a variety of genres. This allows you a lot of opportunity to learn and grow, as well as to share your skills and experience. As you get to know the other writers in your group, you’ll be making professional connections that could help you later. You may also find that you can help others.

Not only can you meet with your fellow writers in a social setting, but you can also participate in critique workshops. Having a group of other writers critique your work is a fantastic opportunity to improve your writing, and critiquing the work of others can help you gain perspective on your own work.

Going to Workshops

Writing groups will also sometimes hold workshops that focus on a particular skill, style of writing, genre, or software. Gaining access to the workshops can help you develop your skills and take your writing to the next level. Sometimes the workshops are even free.

Even if your group does not hold their own workshops, you’ll likely meet other writers who know of some that you can attend. Ask if anyone else is attending an upcoming workshop. You may even find a friend to attend the workshop with you.

Find Your Tribe

Joining a writing group provides nothing but benefits. You’ll gain friends, connections, and better writing skills. Don’t wait to find your community.

If you’re looking for a writing group near you, try meetup.com, Facebook groups, and your local events postings. You can also start one yourself.

4 responses to “Why You Should Join a Writers Group”

  1. I feel like an online writer’s group would also be beneficial for many. (especially for occasional writer’s who are unlikely to show up to actual meetings)


      • Really? I would’ve thought that twitter’s limit on characters would’ve had the opposite effect.

        I suppose people use wordpress and then share on twitter?


        • Sometimes they do, but there are also a lot of great writing games on Twitter. The character limit really creates a fun challenge for crafting a good passage. It’s also really supportive. You can share with other writers, boost each other, and learn new things. It’s been really great since I started participating.


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